Ninjas vs Superbugs

Directed by Nico Casavecchia
Production company: 1st Avenue Machine
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather


Science / TV Channel Ident ‘Liquid’ – Director’s Cut

Ident for the american TV channel Science.
Client: Science Channel
Production Company: Blacklist

Executive Producer: Adina Sales

Producer: Alexander Unick

Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Postproduction: Dvein

Sound Design (Director’s Version): Antfood

Maxon Rebranding

For the release of Cinema R13 Maxon wanted to refresh their brand and asked us to create a brand new logo for them. Keeping the old one in mind to not scare away long time customers we went through a long, untamed and creative process. And in the end it was there right in front of us – the new logo for our most favourite software package.
Title: Cinema 4D Logo Redesign
Client: Maxon Designstudio: Aixsponza GmbH
Lead Designer: Manuel Casasola Merkle & Ingo Walde Designer: Elisabeth Schlichtner, Patrick Schade, Elisa Krenz
Sounddesign: Lars Fischer

Amazonia Security Agenda

Amazonia’s abundant natural resources underpin water, energy, food and health security for the people and
economies of the region and far beyond. At the heart of this nexus of securities is water. So abundant in the
region, but now under increasing threat as industrial and agricultural pollution increases, and extreme droughts reveal a once unthinkable water vulnerability.
Directed by Moth Collective
Written by Global Canopy Programme
Sound Design: Joe Tate
Animation: Daniel Chester, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, David Prosser and Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Additional Artworking: Thea Glad, Iria Lopez, James Hatley
English Voiceover: Yolanda Kakabadse (President of WWF International)
Portuguese Voiceover: Camila Pitanga
Spanish Voiceover: Gustavo De La Hoz
Client: Global Canopy Programme

850 meters
Making of teaser :
Making of #1 :
Making of #2 :
Making of #3 :
Making of #4 :
850 METERS is an animated comedy short produced by THURISTAR in coproduction with Lunanime, currently screening in festivals. The short has also aired on CANAL+ in France and will soon be shown on Ketnet (VRT) and Ouftivi (RTBF) in Belgium.

The astounding athletic power of quadcopters

In a robot lab at TEDGlobal, Raffaello D’Andrea demos his flying quadcopters: robots that think like athletes, solving physical problems with algorithms that help them learn. In a series of nifty demos, D’Andrea show drones that play catch, balance and make decisions together — and watch out for an I-want-this-now demo of Kinect-controlled quads.

TEDx Zurich 2013 Trailer

Kompost creates trailer for upcoming TEDx Zürich.
Animation Studio / Production Company: Kompost
Executive Producer: Gian Klainguti
Art Direction / Motion Design: Jan Sommer, Martynas Genkovas
Music / Sound Effects: Echoic Audio

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