Ira Glass on Storytelling

Realização: David Shiyang Liu (+).

“All credit due to the amazing Ira Glass.

Source audio is from this very seminal video by

Made in three days on Illustrator and After Effects, for Day 6 of the #30daysofcreativity.”



Bachelor film project 2012 from The Animation Workshop.

A prince sets off on a journey to save his dying father, driven by his fear of failing him.
By: Adrian Dexter, Birk von Brockdorff, Arnold Bagasha, Drude Mangaard, Jody Ghani, Mikkel V. Petersen”


Realização: Duckeye

“A motion control test film by DuckEye developed from ‘Iatrogenesis’ created for Rambert Dance Company’s ‘Season of New Choreography'”

Ficha técnica:

Choreography Alexander Whitley
Dancers: Jonathan Goddard, Miguel Altunaga, Eryck Brahmania, Estela Merlos
Music: Guy Connelly

Directed by Duckeye
Produced by Rokkit

Director of Photography: Simon Paul
Gaffer: Jono Yates
Runner: Leonard Wilkinson

Clothing donated by Howies

shot using Canon D5 MKII with a manual 25mm Carl Zeiss lens.

Adidas motion graphics ident

Realização: Alex Donne Johnson (+)

Digital and print based advertising campaign for adidas in conjunction with London 2012

Ficha técnica:


Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Artwork

Photography: Andreas Reynaga
Video Production: Nana Dankwa

Butterflies feat. John Malkovich

Realização: Sandro Miller (+)

“I have this idea in my mind for a painting about butterflies. Blue and green and yellow butterflies, tumbling out of my brain. I think it’s going to be good. I feel like I can almost touch them… like they’re right there for me to grab as they’re flying away… out of my skull and taking all those dark thoughts and little devils with them. Just fluttering away and leaving the good stuff behind. Butterflies. I’m going to get my canvas and my paints. I think I’m all better. I think I’m ready to leave.”

Ficha Técnica:

Design/VFX – Gentleman Scholar
Creative Directors – Will Johnson & William Campbell
Producer – Tyler Locke
Executive Producer – Rob Sanborn

Editor – Josh Bodnar/The Whitehouse

Designers/Compositors – William Campbell, Will Johnson, Tommy Wooh, Daniel Blank, Paul Yeh, Heather Aquino, Claudia Yi Leon, Joseph Chan

Director – Sandro Miller

Music Composer – Matt Hutchinson

Double G Studios: Rebranding

“Double G Studios won a completive pitch with our friends over at Devilfish to rebrand French film giant Studiocanal. The idea was to showcase STUDIOCANAL’s huge back catalogue in an abstract and cinematic way. We projected their films onto a bespoke glass structure and shot the result on 35mm. We also used a selection of modern and classic lenses to captured the essence and beauty of cinema. The soundtrack was composed by film heavy weight Alexandre Desplat and was recorded in Paris with a 60 piece orchestra. This will first be shown in-front of Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.”

Ficha técnica:

Agency: Devilfish
Dop: Haris Zambarloukos
Post: Prime Focus
Music: Alexandre Desplat

Bulmers – Better Over Ice

Realização: Cameron Gough(+)

“This animated commercial for Bulmers was made exclusively for the Rooftop Cinema.

The concept was to show the magical explosion of goodness that occurs when you add ice to your already delicious glass of Bulmers cider.”

Ficha técnica:

Animation Director: Cameron Gough
Artwork: Annika Fleur
Animation + Compositing: Cameron Gough
3D Elements: Shane Smith
Sound Design: Nick van Cuylenburg
Agency: Rooftop Cinema
Producer: Tait Ischia

For The Remainder

“An atmospheric and vague, painterly animated short that envisions a view upon an old house cat who bids farewell to his home in his final moments.
Done as my graduation film from Bezalel Art Academy.”

Ficha técnica:

Story: Omer Ben David & Or Garmolin
Soundtrack by:
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